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Welcome to our renowned hair salon in the heart of Amsterdam De Pijp, where creativity and beauty converge to create exquisite balayage transformations. As the best hairdresser in Amsterdam, we take pride in offering an unparalleled experience that leaves you with hair that tells a story. Our expertise in balayage, coupled with our dedication to personalized care, makes us the destination for those seeking exceptional hair artistry.

BRUSH Amsterdam de Pijp Balayage
BRUSH Amsterdam de Pijp Balayage

The Art of Balayage

Your Unique Balayage Experience

Balayage isn’t just a technique; it’s an art form that requires the deft touch of experienced professionals. At our salon, balayage is more than a trend; it’s a passion that drives us to create seamless blends of color that mimic the sun’s gentle kiss. Our talented color specialists understand the nuances of your hair and work meticulously to hand-paint each strand, resulting in a natural, sun-kissed effect that complements your features and style.

We recognize that no two clients are alike, and neither should their balayage be. Each balayage treatment at our salon is a bespoke experience tailored to your vision and preferences. Our consultation process ensures that we understand your desires and collaborate to design a balayage that aligns with your personality, skin tone, and lifestyle. Whether you’re envisioning soft, subtle highlights or bold, dynamic contrasts, we’re here to create the balayage masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of.

BRUSH Amsterdam de Pijp Balayage

Trust the Best Hairdresser in Amsterdam

Elevating your look with balayage requires skill, creativity, and expertise, and our team embodies all three. As the best hairdresser in Amsterdam, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering results that exceed expectations. We stay current with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that your balayage not only reflects your individuality but also reflects the pinnacle of contemporary hair artistry.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of hair transformation through balayage? Our Amsterdam De Pijp salon eagerly awaits your visit. Let us be your partners in creating a balayage masterpiece that accentuates your natural beauty and showcases your style.

Location: Van Hilligaertstraat 27H Amsterdam

Phone: +31 (0) 6 38 41 65 01

What clients say about us

Can we take a moment for how talented the BRUSH team is? It was my first time here but definitely not my last. They really listened to my wishes, but still gave their own professional twist. I walked out of the salon with the most amazing balayage and soft waves. I was a bit hesitant about getting a balayage, since I have very dark hair. But getting it done here was by far the best decision. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Thank you 1000x BRUSH team. You are amazing!



It was my second time at BRUSH. We decided on my treatment plan for my hair five weeks ago to get rid of my super dry hair and uneven lenghts from past hairdresser trauma. I loved the hair treatment, felt like a perfect ‘me time’ on a Saterday. Also the haircut was amazing again. Would highly recommend! The salon is very stylish and the team gives you super nice vibes. When I got home my boyfriend told me “Honey your hair looks very cool”. I guess that’s a 10/10!



BRUSH team always gets what I need and really listens to my concerns. I’ve never had such a good experience with other hairdressers. They did my hair with the Curly Girl Method styling which is so awesome! Totally recommend it!

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