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meet the founders

Where it all started…

BRUSH was founded by Bryan & Justin in 2017. They and their team are proud to be the top rated salon in Amsterdam Oud zuid/de Pijp for three years in a row and due to it’s unrivalled quality and service BRUSH became the go to place for many. Locals, expats, influencers and magazines discovered their craft and became part of our BRUSH community.

Bryan was only 15 years old when he made his entrance into the hairdressing industry. After only 3 years he won his first major competition The Chair Talent Award. This brought him the opportunity to work at Amsterdam Fashion Week and behind the scenes at tv-productions which resulted in a big source of inspiration. In the meantime, he gained a lot of skills working for several renowned salons and artists. Every year his experiences lit his fire even more to elevate the dutch hair industry to the next level.

Justin succesfully completed his law studies at the University of Utrecht. Back then he always had an affinity for beauty with a special feeling for hairdressing as his mother and grandmother have also worked as hairstylists in the past. During his studies he knew becoming a lawyer wasn’t what he wanted to be but he didn’t know how to shape it differently. Until he met Bryan in 2016 and they became a couple. By watching Bryan’s work and listening to all his experiences he developed the same passion for hair and realized this was his chance find happiness by taking the jump into hairdressing world.

Together they opened the salon in 2017 and made their mutual dream come true. First Bryan personally taught Justin everything while he was working on the paper work. Later they followed courses from the USA to Australia and trained with internationally renowned hair stylists perfecting their craftmanship.

Now sharing all the latest international trends they are committed to make  BRUSH the best, most innovative salon while maintaining that low key dutch spirit and accessible relaxed feeling for everyone.


Enhancing one’s naturally distinctive beauty with modern techniques is what we do. Our full transparency and no nonsense culture ensures a genuine connection and relationship of trust between you and your stylist.

Our team consists of different experts in their own niche. They are educated to look at the individual resulting in a high-end experience full of comfort and exceptional customer service so you can really relax and be beautiful.

Every session starts with a personal consult, a true dialog to discover your desires. By getting to know you and your style, we bring out the best cut and color to enhance your beauty and your life. With pure, wearable and modern hair we strive for natural perfection.

Meet our team



Bryan is the driving force behind BRUSH. He started hairdressing when he was only 15 years old and bundled his experiences in all facets of the industry to create this unique space with a diverse team and clientele where no one is a number, but every individual is central. As a master stylist, colorist and educator he passionately developes new groundbraking techniques and happily shares his skills with other stylists. Many clients travel the country and even internationally to have their hair specially treated by Bryan.



Fascinated by grooming, Justin follows all the latest international trends in hair coloring. He is committed to making BRUSH Hair + Make up the best, most innovative and ‘fashion forward’ salon in the Netherlands. Always striving for perfection, he has developed into a color specialist in balayages, highlights and all over colors on blondes and brunettes for which his clients keep coming back. Every day he raises the bar even further by regularly training with internationally leading hairstylist and passing on his passion to the team.



Cheyenne works passionately every day to create the most beautiful curls and makeup looks. From lifelong experience with her own curls, she likes to share all usefull tips and tricks. During her previous training at fashion school, she learned to cut super tight and developed an incredible sense of detail. She feels lucky to work at BRUSH where she can use all her creativity by helping every customer find happiness in their new perfect look.





Kelly graduated from the renowned makeup school House of Orange and has already gained a lot of experience behind the scenes at various shoots and fashion shows for major brands. In addition to being a make-up artist, she also is a certified hair stylist for 5 years and has specialized in coloring and men’s haircuts. Every day she loves to create the total package through the combination of hair and make-up.

We hope to welcome you soon!


BRUSH Hair + Make-Up